Our Family

Dear Parents,

Mother Duck is a small family owned group of companies, principally owned by my wife Ros and I, but also some of our Directors who have become partners in the business.


Ros and I first purchased a centre at Enoggera in 1990, when it was an old church hall beside the Enoggera railway station. Ros worked at the centre for nine years before retiring, establishing our name and reputation for quality and excellence in care and education of young children.

Our motto “Excellence in Care and Education” is a legacy of her endeavours. Mother Duck Childcare centres strive to be the providers of the highest quality childcare in Brisbane, and we place enormous emphasis on having a happy, professional and loyal staff, who are well resourced and professionally satisfied.,

Many of our senior staff joined the company on leaving school and now are partners in the business, ensuring that you, as parents, are being serviced by professionals who really care about you and your children.

Yours Sincerely

Denis Hinton
Chairman of the Board