Our Philosophy

At Mother Duck we believe:

  • In providing nurturing, “home-like” environments where all children feel a sense of belonging.
  • In providing safe, hygienic, aesthetically pleasing environments.
  • In valuing the uniqueness of each child. No two children are the same, each having individual needs, developing in their own unique ways and at their own pace.
  • That children are competent beings who hold a natural sense of wonder, curiosity and awe about the world around them.
  • In the importance of time for children to explore, investigate, experiment and wonder. A time to be.
  • In supporting children to develop friendships and to make positive social connections.
  • That all curriculum decisions should foster the development of the child as a whole.
  • In commitment to continuous improvement to always strive for the best quality practice and service for families, children and the community.
  • In promoting positive dispositions for life-long learning.
  • That parents are the first educators of their children.
  • In the importance of partnerships based on open, collaborative, respectful relationships between all stakeholders.
  • In respecting, appreciating and celebrating each family’s unique home values and cultural backgrounds.
  • In promoting an understanding and awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, history and contemporary societies.
  • That play-based learning in the early years builds success for life.
  • In the value of happy educators, children and families.

At Mother Duck our Educators:

  • Are professionals who are advocates for early childhood education.
  • Are passionate, supportive and responsive to all children and families.
  • Build positive relationships with all children to allow them to develop a sense of agency (independence).
  • Provide and promote equal opportunities for all children, whereby no child is discriminated against on grounds of class, gender, race, religion, ability or additional needs.
  • Hold high expectations for all children's learning and are committed to the principles, practices and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • Aim to provide all children in our care the best start in life to create a better future for the nation.