Our Programs

Our Centres provide superior educational programs that are informed by research on how high-quality education and care contributes to positive long-term outcomes for children. Our programs are based on the belief that children are competent and hold a natural sense of wonder, curiosity and awe about the world around them.

We carefully plan focused play-based and real-life learning opportunities with children’s individual strengths, interests and needs in mind. The National Early Years Learning Framework guides all Centre programs and practice, to maximise all children’s potential and develop a foundation for future success in their learning and wellbeing. The Early Years Learning Framework describes the principles, practice and outcomes essential to support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to five years of age, as well as their transition to school.

All of our educators maintain individual children’s profiles which provide a record of children’s learning and development throughout their attendance at the Centre. Our qualified and experienced educators are happy to discuss your child at any time, and are also available to meet with families to share your child’s learning profile at any time throughout the year. Each child’s portfolio is provided for families to keep as a record of their experiences and learning at the end of each year.


Our educators are sensitive to the feelings you may be having at leaving your infant in care for the first time. We request all families to provide information about their child’s routine at home so that we can endeavour to maintain consistency for each child by following this routine during their day at the Centre.

At Mother Duck we recognise the importance of the development of secure attachments for infants, and provide consistent and responsive educators that build special relationships with each child. Our educators also prioritise their interactions with families to develop partnerships based on mutual trust, respect and open communication. Each day you will be provided with daily written reports detailing your child’s feeding, sleep and toileting patterns to ensure you are always fully informed.

Our educational programs provide a specific focus on encouraging basic first step skills in a safe learning environment including sitting, crawling and walking. Our educators ensure the daily educational program provides a language rich environment by chatting, singing and reading with all infants to foster the development of language skills.


Our Toddler's programs focus on creating a safe and secure environment for all children to develop confidence and independence in their emerging abilities. Consistent and familiar educators and routines provide this age group with the confidence in knowing what is happening during the day, and to explore the learning environment. Our educators use positive and sensitive guidance to encourage children’s socialisation, and assist with the development of friendships and empathy for others.

Our educators will gain a deep understanding of each child’s unique personality, backgrounds and interests and plan specific play-based learning opportunities catered to each child’s individual learning needs. Learning opportunities are provided to build on and extend each child’s emerging intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and language skills. These holistic learning opportunities provide each child with achievable challenges and opportunities to practice and refine their developing skills.

Children’s developing independence is supported in this caring environment where our educators provide guidance and assistance with taking the first steps towards toilet training and during the toilet training process. We recognise the importance of open and regular communication with families, and ensure we are available to engage with our families and share information about their child. Each day you will be provided with detailed information about your child’s eating, sleep and toileting patterns.

Junior Kindy

Our educators work closely with each child so they can develop a thorough understanding of each child’s development, knowledge and interests. This allows our educators to carefully plan play based learning opportunities catering to each individual child. By planning learning opportunities through play that are fun and based on children’s unique interests, children are intrinsically motivated to learn.

The learning opportunities provided in this age group aim to extend the foundation skills developed in the Toddler's room. Children will be provided with opportunities to practice and refine skills holistically throughout social, emotional, physical, language and intellectual domains.

Our educators will ensure partnerships with families are facilitated and maintained to ensure you are well informed about your child’s learning and engagement at the Centre.


Our educators focus on providing rich learning environments that encourage this age group to explore and experiment with their learning whilst ensuring safety and support. Our educators gain a keen understanding of each child’s holistic development, and extend each child through achievable challenges.

Children’s friendships and cooperative play skills are developing rapidly during this age, and our educational programs use peer interactions to extend children’s learning throughout all areas. Our skilled educators use a variety of resources and opportunities for children to explore using symbols in their play which is the foundation for later literacy and numeracy skills and understanding. By introducing these concepts throughout children’s daily play and explorations, children are more likely to develop a deeper understanding of these concepts.

Partnerships with families are a foundation for the program which ensures our educators and families share their knowledge of each child’s unique personality and developing skills and knowledge.


Our Mother Duck Centres are renowned amongst Brisbane schools for providing educational and social skills that are well above average.

We offer specialised Kindergarten programs that reflect the Approved Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline for children who attend our Centres the year before they attend formal schooling. Our 4 year university qualified early childhood teachers have all undertaken extensive professional development in the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline and are well equipped to provide outstanding educational kindergarten programs informed by best practice. This ensures the children who attend Mother Duck develop the necessary knowledge, skills and dispositions to successfully enter formal schooling, and also develop a passion and love for life-long learning. We can guarantee that your child will be "school ready" after leaving our Centres.

Our Kindergarten programs offer the flexibility needed for today’s busy families with children able to attend long hours, 5 days a week and 52 weeks of the year. Our Kindergarten Teachers recognise the importance of engaging families in their early childhood programs, and are passionate about facilitating and maintaining partnerships with all families, including working families that require their children to attend long hours.